This was my first summer project of the year, a full re-edit of Vampyr with an alternate score. The soundtrack ranges from many different eras of classical music (ranging from Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Sixth Symphony to Tallis choir music) with a little bit of NIno Rota thrown in. If you have an hour and twelve minutes to spare, have a look.

And I thought that the “animation” to Clutch Cargo was… unpleasant to say the least.

I had the misfortune of seeing these dead-eyed freaks raid my television in the commercial break of a Twilight Zone marathon. The episode which was played beforehand was The Eye of the Beholder, a rather well timed choice once I think about it.

This is the infamous classic Dementia 12 and a Half, directed by French Fry Ford Coopela. Director of other classics like Barn Stroke’s “Evil Blood Drinker”, and The Awkward Exchange.

This film is very important historically, inspiring classics such as Dementia 13, the debut film of Francis Ford Coppola.

Well folks, this is what happens when I get bored and mess around in iMovie for an hour. I’m currently working on a sequel.

Morphine Tic Tacs

Where I come from there are many bizarre people in the works. From a short mustachioed man who sat like a Buddhist monk in the middle of a highway, to two well dressed men cursing like sailors in a bar before one of them drives a pristine white car into a brick wall. People of bizarre behaviors are taken casually here. A few days ago I spoke to one of the more off people, or they more likely spoke to me while I tried to shoot a scene for a film.

I was shooting a scene for my next short film at a cathedral, and marching out of a gas station convenience store is this man holding a case of Tic Tacs. After making a bee line toward me he asks “You know what it’s like when you buy crack and you… you you get Tic Tacs? These are childhood and shit man, too bad they taste like shit now man.”. He then boldly holds out his case, they’re orange flavored. He then proceeds to speak about how he put morphine in them. His voice resebled that of Popeye, and he looked like the younger version of Santa from “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”, red beard and all. His overall nature was that of a stereotypical stoned hippie.

"You got a lighter?"

After a few awkward exchanges I continue filming. As one of the takes nears a close he says “Well, I guess. I’m gonna’ smoke some crack!”. He spoke that last bit of dialogue with the boldness of a soldier charging out into a battlefield in a film. He then stumbles away down the sidewalk. Then as I looked away for a brief moment a man in footied pajamas jogging down the street gropes my ass before running away.

This is the traditional Atlanta greeting, we hope you enjoy your stay.